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Undergraduate Program

Past Honors Papers and Future Plans


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Jeremy Atkins: Conformal field theory.Honors Talk in April (Committee: Rajeev (advisor), Pakianathan and ?)
Cole Durham: A Survey of Differential Topology: Intersection Numbers, Morse Theory, and Morse Homology.Honors Talk in April (Advisor: Pakianathan. Committee: Mkrtchyan, Krishnan, Salur.)
Samuel King: Young Tableaux and Their Connection to Sampling Contingency Tables.Honors Talk in April (Advisor: Stefankovic (CS), Mkrtchyan. Committee: Mkrtchyan, Iosevich, Pakianathan.)
Zhengkai Li: Properties of Bases in Banach Spaces.Honors Talk in April (Committee: Geba (advisor), Iosevich, Jochnowitz.)
Tyler Perlman: TBA.Honors Talk in April (Committee: Geba (advisor), rest?)
Yue Wang: Relativistic Brownian Motion.Honors Talk in April (Committee: Rajeev (advisor), Iosevich, Pakianathan.)
Matthew Zevenbergen: Crushtaceans and Complements of Fully Augmented and Nested Links.Honors Talk in April (Committee: Cohen (advisor), Madhu, Pakianathan.)



Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Dustin Kasser: Series Rearrangements Using Density Functions. 
Xin Lu: On NP-intermediate, Isomorphism problems, and Polynomial
MS Computer Science program at  Stanford University. 
Gregory Michajlsyzyn: On the discriminant of the Hecke ring and its index in the corresponding ring of integers.Mathematics Ph.D. program at University of Connecticut.
John Ennis: Curvature of Riemannian Manifolds.
Byron Osterweil: Geometric problems in vector spaces over finite fields, and a generalization of a sum estimate.Mathematics Ph.D. Program at University of California, Irvine.
Orion Haunstrup: New Findings on the Collatz Conjecture Reveal a Hidden Global Stability - a possible road to a proof.
Chengyuan Wang: Models of epidemic spread.



Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Joshua Beck: An application of differential geometry to freeform optics manufacturing.Optimax Systems Inc.
Kevin Hunt: The eigenvalue distribution of random matrices with distortion.PhD Economics, U. Wisconsin-Madison
Shenxiong Li: On the Spectrum and Essential Minimum of Heights in the Projective Plane.
Zachary Polansky: Equilateral triangles in vector spaces over finite fields.Google Inc.
Guowei Shan: On zeros of the p-adic zeta function and generic Newton polygons of Hecke polynomials.
Manuel Stoeckl: Approaches for the hinge and distinct distance problems.


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Dionel Jaime: Method of Stationary Phase and Applications.
Shir Maimon: Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
Logan Meredith: On the Cauchy-Kowalevski theorem for analytic nonlinear partial differential equations.
Kenneth Plante: Free Actions on products of spheres.
Gabrielle Scullard: Factorization Properties of Integer-Valued Polynomials.PhD Mathematics, Penn State
David Soukup: Embeddings of Weighted Graphs in Erdos-type Settings.
Zhonghui Sun: Projection Theorems in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields.
Mark Sweeney: Model Theory.PhD Mathematics, Brown
Alfredo Vargas: Minimal Surfaces in R^3.
Jean Weill: Yang-Mills Theory on a Cylinder.


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Charlotte Aten: The Topology of Magmas.PhD Mathematics, UR
Noah Chrein: Enriched Coproducts and the Twisted Adjunction.
Benjamin Dees: Analogs of the Erdos integer distance principle in vector spaces over finite fields.PhD Mathematics, Johns Hopkins
Adam Lott: Roth's Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions.
Lee Murphy: The Jordan-Brouwer Separation Theorem.
Daniel Rubery: On a finite field analog of the bilinear spherical averaging operator.
Emily Windes: The Frobenius Theorem and Foliations.PhD Mathematics, UR


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Luke Cybulski: Sugawara's construction of the Virasoro algebra for c=1,h=0.
Bai Lin: Sums of permutations. PhD Mathematics, UR
Haoran Liu: Infinite Galois theory.
Brian McDonald: Hinges in Z_p^d and applications to pinned distance sets.PhD Mathematics, UR
Lisa Rosenfeld: The box problem in two and higher dimensions.FDIC
Adam Scrivener: On incomplete distance sets in Z_p x Z_p.
Yinuo Zhang: Shifted K-theoretic Pourier-Reutenauer algebra.PhD Economics, Princeton


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Douglas MillerJump Trading (Chicago)
David Sekora: Discrete valuation rings and Dedekind domains.
Luke VaicunasPhD Mathematics, MSU
Elizabeth Winkelman: The CW-complex of translation surfaces of genus 2 with one singularity.PhD Mathematics, U. of Utah


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Lawrence Barrett
James HaleyMS Mathematics, U. of Waterloo
Peihong Jiang: Controlling generic formal fibers of polynomial rings.
Jia Shuo Liu
Alexander McDonaldPhD Mathematics, UR
Sean SpriggensPhD Mathematics, Syracuse
Ari Stoler: Conjugacy classes and irreducible representations of metacyclic groups.


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Yuefeng LiangMS Statistics, U. of Chicago
Emmett Wyman: Two geometric combinatorial problems in vector spaces over finite fields.PhD Mathematics, Johns Hopkins
Yujia Zhai: Areas of triangles and Beck's theorem in places over finite fields.PhD Mathematics, Cornell


Honors ThesisFuture Plans
Matej PenciakPhD Mathematics, Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Peter Richter
Xiaoqing Tang: Simple proof of the Guth-Katz joints theorem.