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Undergraduate Program


Walk-in advising hours for Spring 2020

Tuesday 2-3:30pm in Hylan 818

Mondays 3:30-5 in Hylan 815

Wednesday 11am-12:30pm in Hylan 808

Weekly walk-in advising hours will be held January 15th through April 29th, excluding holidays.

No appointment necessary during these times--just come by if you have questions or need a form signed. 

Feel free to email with advising questions as well.


Peer advising

By appointment -- email if you have questions or to set up a meeting.

Members of the advising committee can approve transfer credit of off-campus courses, and provide general information.


The Undergraduate Committee

NameRoom (in Hylan)PhoneE-mail

Transfer Credit

In order to obtain prior approval for transferring credit from a course that you plan to take at another university or college, bring a copy of the catalog description of the course with you when you come to see the advisor. If it is possible to obtain a syllabus for the course that is even better. The advisor will need this description in order to compare the course with the courses offered at this university—it is not enough (or necessary) that the course has the same name.

Declaring a major or minor

You can submit a major or minor declaration online here. If you have met with a faculty advisor already, please write their name in as your faculty advisor, and email them when you submit your declaration. Otherwise, we will reject your submission and request to meet; you can resubmit easily after you have met with an advisor. All faculty members can serve as major/minor advisors. If you would like to be a math major, ask your favorite professor to be your advisor.