Funding and Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students in good standing are supported for at least four years. A fifth year of support is typically available for students who are making satisfactory progress in the program. Most entering students are appointed as teaching assistants which includes a full tuition waiver and a stipend of $20,000, depending on teaching duties. The stipend is awarded for nine months of work (10 hours of service per week). In addition, the mandatory student health fee is paid by the university.

Each teaching assistant (TA) is expected to hold three 50-minute recitations (all for the same course) per week. Undergraduates attend one of these recitations per week, in addition to the regular lectures given by a faculty member. During the recitation a TA answers questions and helps students with homework problems.

In addition to this, duties include preparing for recitation, grading quizzes, and helping grade midterm and final exams. The math department also maintains a study hall for undergraduates who need extra tutoring. It is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is manned by our graduate students. Each TA is expected to sign up for a one hour slot. The total time for all “duties” averages out to be about 10 hours per week. Textbooks and solution manuals used for the course are loaned to the TAs each semester.

International Students

If you are an incoming foreign student, you may be assigned as a grader (for 200-400 level courses) for one or two semesters. Your ability to speak English will be evaluated and if it is good, we will then assign you a teaching assistant position. You will receive a stipend during this time.

Summer Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students who become very good teaching assistants are eligible to apply for summer teaching positions (the pay is approximately $5000). Summer courses include:

  • Basic calculus (MATH 141-143)
  • MATH 163: Differential Equations
  • MATH 164: Multidimensional Calculus
  • MATH 165: Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
  • MATH 235: Linear Algebra

Summer classes are small and are held for six weeks, four days a week. Summer research fellowships may also be available once a student begins research with a specific advisor.

Additional Funding

Dean’s Teaching Fellowships are given to advanced graduate students on a competitive basis. The criteria for selection include academic performance and a genuine commitment to teaching. A Dean’s Teaching Fellow is given the opportunity to teach one regular course per semester in close consultation with faculty. The fellows receive a complementary stipend of $1,500 per semester.