Living in Rochester

Rochester is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario, a short drive from the Finger Lakes area, the Adirondack mountains, Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada.

Rochester residents enjoy the year-round activities of the University-owned Memorial Art Gallery, the cinematic and photographic offerings of George Eastman House, and the events at the University's Eastman Theater, where concerts are given by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and by students and faculty of the University's Eastman School of Music. Sailing, camping, biking and skiing are some of the activities that are enjoyed in Rochester.


Any student seeking housing must decide whether to live in housing provided by the university, or to live in an apartment off campus. We have compiled some information about university housing and off-campus housing which may be difficult to find in other places.


There are four distinct seasons in Rochester. Winter starts in late November or early December and usually ends in late March. Temperatures can be cold (below freezing) and there is usually a total of 90 inches of snow during this season.

Spring begins in late March and goes through the end of May. This is when all the plants and trees start to bloom. We have some beautiful lilac trees in a park near the university. Temperatures range from 45-65 degrees.

Summer begins in June and lasts until September. Temperatures during this time are in the 70-80 degree range. We very seldom have temperatures above 90. Obviously this is the time of year that people spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, swimming, boating, etc. Shorts, sleeveless tops, etc. are appropriate even for around the math department.

Fall starts in late September and ends in November. This time of year has its own beauty; the leaves of the trees change color (red, yellow, orange) and are absolutely wonderful to see. Temperatures range between 75 and 50 and tend to fluctuate frequently.


It is not necessary to have a car while living here and attending the University of Rochester. The Rochester city bus system and the bus services provided by the University will give you reliable and flexible commuting to campus as well as transportation to commercial centers in town.

If you live in one of the university graduate housing facilities, bus 70 provides a free shuttle to campus and to the university health services center located in Strong Memorial Hospital.

The University also provides free bus service to Marketplace Mall and Wegmans supermarket every Saturday and Wednesday.

Even if you do not live on campus, the university has a free shuttle that runs between the Eastman School of Music downtown and the River Campus.

Students who choose to commute by car will need a parking permit.