Our undergraduate program was created to prepare the next generation of mathematicians, engineers, and scientists for successful careers in industry, research, and business.

Our department consists of 22 full-time faculty members, all holding PhDs in mathematics. That means our students learn from—and alongside—leading math faculty and advanced graduate students who love teaching.

Check out our careers page to get ideas about what you can do with a math major. 


We offer five undergraduate degrees:

For a quick look at how these majors differ see the majors overview page.

The undergraduate program also offers a:

Consider a Philosophy minor with your math major

The departments of Mathematics and Philosophy have made it easier and rewarding for Mathematics majors to pick up a minor in Philosophy. By taking Philosophy courses designated as allied field courses for the Math major and/or cross-listed in Math and Philosophy, it is possible to add a Minor in Philosophy to your Math major with as few as 3 additional courses.

See the Philosophy minor for the Humanities requirement page for more details.


Calculus is taken by students with a wide variety of interests and preparation. The mathematics department is large enough to offer a variety of tracks for learning calculus, and still small enough so that you'll get the attention you need.

See the comparing the calculus sequences page for a detailed discussion about the different calculus sequences.


A combination of SAT and ACT scores, AP calculus exam scores, and high school records is used to place students in the appropriate mathematics course.

Students who are interested in taking the placement exam or in how advanced credit is applied should see the placement page.