BS in Math Requirements

Students looking to complete a BS in mathematics must complete the required courses in the following areas:

For more information speak to a mathematics advisor or see the undergraduate handbook.

Foundational Course Requirement 

The following foundational courses must be completed before acceptance into the major:

  • MATH 161:  Calculus IA
  • MATH 162:  Calculus IIA
  • MATH 164:  Multidimensional Calculus
  • MATH 165:  Linear Algebra with Differential Equations

Equivalent courses may be substituted for the above requirements:

  • MATH 163 for MATH 165
  • MATH 171, 172, and 174 for the equivalent MATH 161, 162, and 164
  • MATH 173 for MATH 165
  • MATH 141-143 for MATH 161-162

AP courses may also be used to satisfy foundational requirements.

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Core Course Requirement

Students must complete the following five courses:

  • MATH 235: Linear Algebra*
  • MATH 236: Introduction to Algebra I
  • MATH 240: Introduction to Topology
  • MATH 265: Functions of a Real Variable I
  • MATH 282: Introduction to Complex Variables with Applications

An honors version of a course can always be substituted for the listed course.

* The requirement that MATH 235 be taken can also be satisfied by completing MATH 173. MATH 235 should be taken early in the student's major program.

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Advanced Course Requirement

In addition to the core courses, students must complete six 4-credit advanced courses as follows:

* Any mathematics course numbered 200 or above (excluding core courses) qualifies as an advanced mathematics course. 

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Upper Level Writing Requirement

To satisfy the upper level writing requirement, students must pass two upper level writing courses of a certain type.