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Geometry Group


Core Faculty

  • Michael Gage—Differential geometry, NonlinearPDEs, Online Math Education; Co-creator of WeBWorK online homework system
  • Sema Salur—Differential geometry, Geometric analysis
  • Stephen Kleene—Riemannian geometry, Nonlinear PDEs, Mean Curvature Flow, Minimal Surfaces

Faculty with Close Research Interests

  • Fred Cohen—Algebraic Topology – specifically Homotopy Theory; Cohomology of groups; Braid groups, function spaces, simplicial groups, configuration spaces and interconnections
  • Allan Greenleaf—Harmonic analysis, microlocal analysis, PDEs
  • Saul Lubkin—Algebraic geometry, homological algebra; Construction of algebraic-topological like invariants in algebraic geometry

Emeritus Faculty

Past Graduate Students

A partial list of past graduate students in Geometry and their current positions.

  • Hyunjoo Cho (2012, Salur)
  • Albert James (AJ) Todd (2011, Salur) - University of California at Riverside, Riverside, California
  • Zokhrab Moustafaev (2003, Gage) - University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, Texas
  • Alina Stancu (1996, Gage) - Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • Yingzhong Wen (1994, Gage) - Industry
  • Jeff Oaks (1991, Gage) - University of Indianapolis
  • Young Doo Chai (1987, Gage) - Sungkyunkwan University Seoul, Korea