Degrees in Mathematics

The advisors for the math department hold weekly walk-in hours. You are welcome to come to these hours and consult an advisor about any questions you may have.

You can submit a major or minor declaration online hereIf you have met with a faculty advisor already, please write their name in as your faculty advisor, and email them when you submit your declaration. Otherwise, we will reject your submission and request to meet; you can resubmit easily after you have met with an advisor. All faculty members can serve as major/minor advisors. If you would like to be a math major, ask your favorite professor to be your advisor.

A list of courses satisfying the courses with advanced math content requirement can be found HERE.

Honors BS in Mathematics

The honors BS is our most intensive degree and requires the following:

For more detailed information about the BS honors program see the BS honors requirements page.

Honors BA in Mathematics

Not quite as heavy as the honors BS, the honors BA is still highly intensive:

For more detailed information about the BA honors program see the BA honors requirements page.

BS in Mathematics

The BS in math is for serious math students, but is not as demanding as the honors BS or BA. The program requires students to complete:

For more detailed information about the BS program see the BS requirements page.

BA in Mathematics

The BA in math is our most flexible major. This program is great for double majors, or those who would like to design their own program. The general major requirements are:

For more detailed information about the BA program see the BA requirements page.

BS in Applied Mathematics

This major is best suited for students with a special interest in applications and requires*:

For more detailed information about the Applied Mathematics BS program see the APM requirements page.

Joint BA in Mathematics and Statistics

This major combines the mathematics and statistics requirements to suit students interested in both subjects. Approval of advisors in both mathematics and statistics is required.

For more detailed information about the Joint Math/Stat BA see the Joint Math/Stat BA requirements page.

Minor in Mathematics

The Minor in Mathematics consists of calculus, linear algebra, and two electives. For detailed information, see the Minor in Mathematics page. This page also contains information about the clusters in mathematics.

Consider Philosophy to satisfy your Humanities division requirement

The departments of Mathematics and Philosophy have made it easier and rewarding for Mathematics majors to pick up a minor in Philosophy. By taking Philosophy courses designated as allied field courses for the Math major and/or cross-listed in Math and Philosophy, it is possible to add a Minor in Philosophy to your Math major with as few as 3 additional courses.

See the Philosophy minor for the Humanities requirement page for more details.

Other Programs

The undergraduate program also offers:

Calculus Sequences

A two-year calculus sequence could be any of the following:

  • Math 141, 142, 143, 164, 165
  • Math 161, 162, 164, 165
  • Math 171, 172, 173, 174

Note: MTH 173-4 must be taken in order but MTH 164 and MTH 165 can be taken in either order.

See the comparing the calculus sequences page for a detailed discussion about the different calculus sequences.