Minor and Cluster Requirements

The Department of Mathematics offers a minor in mathematics and eight clusters.

Minor Requirements

Students looking to complete the minor in mathematics must complete the foundational course requirement and advanced course requirement below.

Foundational Course Requirement

The following foundational courses must be completed before acceptance into the minor:

  • MATH 161: Calculus IA
  • MATH 162: Calculus IIA
  • MATH 165: Linear Algebra with Differential Equations
  • One of the following:
    • MATH 150: Discrete Mathematics
    • MATH 164: Multidimensional Calculus

Equivalent courses can be substituted for the requirements above:

  • MATH 163 for MATH 165
  • MATH 171, 172, and 174 for the equivalent MATH 161, 162, and 164
  • MATH 173 for MATH 165
  • MATH 141-143 for  MATH 161-162

Credit granted for AP courses may be used to satisfy foundational requirements. 

Math 150A may not be used to satisfy foundational requirements.

Advanced Course Requirement for Minor

Students must complete three advanced courses as follows:

  • MATH 235: Linear Algebra*
  • Two 4-credit advanced mathematics courses**

* The requirement that MATH 235 be taken can also be satisfied by completing MATH 173.

** Any mathematics course numbered 200 or above (except MATH 235) qualifies as an advanced mathematics course.


The department offers several mathematical clusters, all in the natural science and engineering academic division. Most reasonable choices of 3 math courses will qualify for a cluster. For specific information see the cluster search engine.