Fall 2022 advising hours will begin August 31.

Walk-In Advising:

Professor Herman, Tuesdays 11:30-1. In person or via zoom. Go to Hylan 1008 or log into the waiting room at for zoom advising.

Professor Madhu, Wednesdays 3:30-5. In person in Hylan 815.

Professor Tucker, Wednesdays 1:30-3. Via zoom. Log into the waiting room at


Transfer Credit

In order to obtain prior approval for transferring credit from a course taken at another university or college, or to receive calculus credit for Cambridge A-level examinations or IB-HL, you must get  approval from a mathematics dept. representative by filling out the form linked here. For A-level approval please also send a copy of your A-level transcript to For a transfer course you will be asked for the syllabus and/or course description of the course you wish to transfer. If a syllabus is unavailable please send a catalog description of the course. The advisor will need this description in order to compare the course with the courses offered at this university—it is not enough (or necessary) that the course has the same name. Upon completion of your approved course, send a copy of your transcript to CCAS Records, as described in the advising handbook.

If you are a matriculated student wishing to transfer credit for a summer course or a study abroad course, you must get approval before you take the course.

If you would like to arrange to take an exam for credit-by-exam, fill out the form linked here. You will be contacted by us. (Credit by exam is ONLY offered if you have taken a course in the subject, but you are not eligible for transfer credit. Credit-by-exam is never offered for self-study.)

Email with advising questions.

Undergraduate Committee

Undergraduate Committee Contact Information
NameRoom (in Hylan)PhoneEmail

Declaring a major or minor

You can submit a major or minor declaration using the online form. If you have met with a faculty advisor already, please write their name in as your faculty advisor, and email them when you submit your declaration. Otherwise, we will reject your submission and request to meet. You can resubmit easily after you have met with an advisor. All faculty members can serve as major/minor advisors. If you would like to be a math major, ask your favorite professor to be your advisor.