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Probability and Related Fields

Related fields include areas such as dynamical systems and mathematical physics.


Permanent Faculty

  • Mark Herman
    • Math physics, Schrodinger operators
  • Arjun Krishnan 
    • First-passage percolation, KPZ universality, stochastic homogenization, ergodic theory.
  • Sevak Mkrtchyan
    • Asymptotic representation theory, asymptotic combinatorics, random tilings, determinantal point processes and random matrix theory
  • Carl Mueller
    • Stochastic partial differential equations
  • Juan Rivera-Letelier
    • Dynamical systems and ergodic theory, statistical properties and the thermodynamic formalism, equidistribution on manifolds

Permanent Faculty (Physics Dept., Joint with Math)

  • Sarada G. Rajeev
    • High energy physics, string theory, nonlinear optics, quantum information theory, Yang-Mills theory, noncommutative geometry and probability
  • Yonathan Shapir
    • Condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics, critical phenomena in disordered systems

Emeritus Faculty

Postdoctoral Faculty

  • Kazuo Yamazaki
    • Stochastic differential equations, fluid dynamics, and biology
  • Jie Zhong
    • Stochastic differential equations and stochastic partial differential equations

Current Graduate Students

  • None at this time.

Past Graduate Students