Geometry Group


Core Faculty

  • Stephen Kleene—Riemannian geometry, Nonlinear PDEs, Mean Curvature Flow, Minimal Surfaces
  • Sema Salur—Differential geometry, Geometric analysis

Faculty with Close Research Interests

  • Fred Cohen (deceased January 2022)—Algebraic Topology – specifically Homotopy Theory; Cohomology of groups; Braid groups, function spaces, simplicial groups, configuration spaces and interconnections
  • Allan Greenleaf—Harmonic analysis, microlocal analysis, PDEs
  • Saul Lubkin—Algebraic geometry, homological algebra; Construction of algebraic-topological like invariants in algebraic geometry

Emeritus Faculty

Postdoctoral Faculty

  • Mary Cook
  • Surena Hozoori
  • Eyup Yalcinkaya

Graduate students


Past Graduate Students