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Undergraduate Program

Mathematics Placement

A combination of SAT and ACT scores, AP calculus exam scores, and high school records are used to place students in the appropriate mathematics course. Math placement information will be provided during your orientation meeting with your pre-major adviser.

Placement Exam

For those students who are placed into MTH 141 but are interested in taking MTH 161 or are placed into MTH 140 but are interested in taking MTH 141, there will be placement exams offered the first Friday of classes in fall 2019:

Friday, Aug 30, 3:00-4:30pm
Lander Auditorium (Hutchison 140)

There will be two exams offered at that time -- one for placement into 141 and one for placement into 161.

The exams cover standard pre-calculus material. NO calculators, books, notes, or electronic devices of any kind are allowed at either exam. Consult this STUDY GUIDE for information about the topics covered by the exams. The 2015 exam is linked HERE. The first year that an exam has been designed specifically for placement into 141 was 2018; the linked exam was used for both 141 and 161.

The placement exam is only for students placed into MTH 140 or 141 that would like to take a higher course. Students satisfied with their placement should not take the exam. In case of a discrepancy or question, students are encouraged to speak with a representative of the Mathematics department at the Academic Open House during Orientation. 

Advanced Credit

For students with advanced credit (AP, IB, A-level, or transfer course), advanced credit rules take precedence according to the guidelines below. Students whose AP credit is not reflected on their CPPR placement should register for the course given by the chart below; no special math department approval is needed.

  • Regarding credit for Cambridge A-level examinations or a calculus course at another college, students must consult with a mathematics faculty member at Orientation to determine if credit is awarded.
  • Students that scored a 4 or better on the higher-level International Baccalaureate (IB) mathematics exam are placed into MTH 162 and awarded credit for MTH 161 after completion of MTH 162 with a grade of C or better. Students can also opt for MTH 171, although no advanced credit is awarded with this option. No credit or advanced placement is granted for subsidiary level exams.

AP Credit

AP credit is given as follows:

AP CoursePlacementCredit
AB 3MTH 161No credit
AB 4-5MTH 162 or 171One semester of credit
BC 3MTH 162 or MTH 171One semester of credit
BC 4-5MTH 164, MTH 165, MTH 171, or, in exceptional cases, in MTH 173Two semesters of credit if placed in MTH 164, 165 or 173. One semester of credit if MTH 171 completed.

Students who receive AP credit for MTH 161 may register for MTH 162 or MTH 171. MTH 171 is particularly recommended for students interested in mathematics, physics, or theoretical engineering who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of how and why calculus works so effectively.

Information on the different calculus sequences can be found HERE.

Questions regarding placement can be directed to one of the following mathematics depart-
ment representatives:
Amanda Tucker:
Kalyani Madhu:
Mark Herman: