Transfer Credit

About Receiving Transfer Credit

If you are a current UR student planning to take a course at another college while abroad or during the summer, you MUST get approval ahead of taking the course. Do not register for a course at another college until you have secured approval from the UR Math department.

  • Courses eligible for transfer must be at least five weeks long.
  • A course eligible for transfer must match an existing course at UR in terms of content.
  • Summer courses taken online have the additional restriction that at least 50% of the grade given is based on proctored exams.

How to get approval to transfer a course:
  • Please use the math-specific form found HERE. This replaces the registrar's course approval form. You do not need to use the registrar's form for a math course.
  • Your course approval request will be read by a member of the math faculty. If it is approved, the information will be sent by us directly to the university registrar. When your course is approved or declined, you will get an email from our department secretary. You should retain this email. You will not get an email from the university registrar even if it is approved.
  • AFTER YOU TAKE THE COURSE, have your transcript sent to the university registrar. Instructions can be found HERE. (See #6 in the list.)

Transfer students interested in a math major are encouraged to attend math advising hours as soon as possible. We will help you with the course approval process and with identifying appropriate courses to take at UR.


  • No more than 1 core course may be transferred for the math major.
  • No more than 4 courses at the 200 level may be transferred for the math major.
  • Math 235 may not be transferred for the math minor.
  • Math courses less than 5 weeks long are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • Online courses must have proctored exams comprising at least 50% of the course grade.
  • Exceptions to these restrictions are only made with special permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Math.

IB and Cambridge A-levels

  • IB students who scored 4 or higher on the IB-HL are awarded credit for Math 161. No paperwork is needed.
  • Students who took the Cambridge A-levels should use the math transfer credit form and also send their transcript to