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Undergraduate Program

Special Programs

TA and Grader Positions

The department employs undergraduates as teaching assistants, workshop leaders, and graders.

For more information about working for the department see the employment PDF. (The application process for Fall 2016 is now closed. )


S.U.M.S stands for "Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students". It is a student club that features lectures throughout the academic year, as well as game nights and special events. Visit the S.U.M.S. website to learn more.

The Kapitsa Society

The Kapitsa Society is the undergraduate physics society named after the great late Soviet physicist Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa. The purpose of this society is to encourage the study of theoretical physics among the undergraduate students at the University of Rochester. The faculty sponsors of the society are Alex Iosevich (mathematics) and S. G. Rajeev (physics and mathematics).

The Kapitsa Society meets on Friday afternoons. Please email Alex Iosevich for the information about the society and its activities.

The current members of the society are listed below:

  • Noah Chrein
  • Sanha Cheong
  • Alex Iosevich
  • Alec Kirkley
  • Adam Lott
  • Logan Meredith
  • S. G. Rajeev
  • Jean Weill
  • Emily Windes
  • Chris Yi

Problem Solving Competitions

Students interested in completing in problem solving and mathematics competitions should see Dan Geba.

4+1 Program in Teaching and Curriculum

Undergraduates can pursue a career in teaching and to earn a master’s degree from the Warner School in a special 4+1 pattern of enrollment. The master’s degree is required for permanent certification in New York State. For more information see the 4+1 Program in Teaching and Curriculum page.