i  [i/ɪ]

4 examples: i  ı̀  į  ı̨̀ 

1 Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: i [i]  -  IPA: High front vowel, low tone.

Word: sechi [sɛtʃʰi] "younger brother"  -  Speaker: SP2

Notce the difference in the duration of the vowel in the first and second syllables. The last syllable in the word has a tendency to be quite prominent, likely related its association with the position of stems in the verb. BOth of these vowels are H tone vowels.

2 Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ  -  Phoneme: ı̀ [ı̀]  -  IPA: High front vowel, low tone

Word: k’ech’ì [k'etʃ'ı̀] "crawling"  -  Speaker: SP4

3 Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme:  [ı̃]  -  IPA: High front nasalized vowel, high tone

Word: tłįcho [tɬʰĩtʃʰo] "horse"  -  Speaker: SP2

4 Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: ı̨̀ [ı̃̀]  -  IPA: High front nasalized vowel, low tone

Word: gotsį̀ht'a [gusɪt'ɑ] "back"  -  Speaker: SP2

This token as a falling contour on the medial L toned syllable.

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