j [tʃ]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: j [tᶘ]  -  IPA: Voiced /unaspirated post-alveolar affricate.

1 Word: juhbá [tʒuhpɑ] "mittens"  -  Speaker: SP5

An example of the post-alveolar affricate j, in word initial position, here voiceless. Note also the duration of the stem initial bilablial stop b.

2 Word: jíe [tʃiɛh] "berry"  -  Speaker: SP5

Another example of the j in word initial position, also voiceless. This is an unaspirated affricate. Note the way the fricative portion of the stop transitions into the vowel. There is no aspiration. Contrast this with the ch sound.

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