South Slavey Group

South Slavey (Slave) is one of the official languages of the Northwest Territories. It is spoken across an area in Northwest territories bounded by Hay River and Fort Simpson (E-W) and Wrigley to Meander River (N-S)


South Slavey communities

  • Echaot’įę Kǫ́ę́ (Fort Laird)
  • Tthenáágó (Nahanni Butte)
  • Łíídlį Kų́ę́ (Fort Simpson0
  • Kátł’odehé (Hay River)
  • Zhati Kǫ́ę́ (Fort Providence)
  • Sambaa K’e (Trout Lake)
  • Tthedzéh Kų́ę́ (Wrigley)
  • Tthek’éhdélį (Jean Marie River)
  • Tthek’eni Kǫ́ę́ (Fort Nelson)
  • K'agee (Kakisa)  

The following South Slavey communties are currently represented in the Dene Speech Atlas: 

To view place and manner of descriptions for these South Slavey sounds, see the Orthography of South Slavey Sounds

Dictionaries and grammars

Howard, Philip G. 1990.  A Dictionary of the Verbs of South Slavey. Yellowknife: Dept. of Culture and Communications, Govt. of the Northwest Territories, ISBN 0-7708-3868-5

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