kw’ [kw]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: kw’ [kw']  -  IPA: Labialized velar ejective

1 Word: denekw’ęnę́ [tɛnekʷ'ɛ̃nɛ̃́] "leg"  -  Speaker: SP5

An example of a labialized velar ejective kw’ in stem initial position, see another example of this ejective.

2 Word: tíkw’i [txík'wi] "arrowhead"  -  Speaker: SP5

This is an interesting example of this sound. This sound is a variation on kw’. It is articulated differently from the other ejective affricates. It is a velar ejective k’ followed by a labial glide w (as it is annotated), as opposed to a labialized velar ejective kw’ as in the preceeding example. Note the characteristic ejective pattern in the waveform and spectrogram.  © Joyce McDonough 2012