t [tx]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: t [tx]  -  IPA: Alveolar affricate with a velar release

Word: tenę [txenẽ] "pail"  -  Speaker: SP5

1 The t [tx] in this position is an alveolar stop followed by velar fricative, visible in the spectrogram. The velar fricative release is a distinctive property of this sound, and makes this sound quite unlike the English aspirated stop t.  The t [tx] is shown here in word initial position.

2 Word medial (stem initial) position 

Word: ɂehtį́  [ʔehtxĩ́] "bow"  -  Speaker: SP5

The t [tx] sound in this word is in stem initial position, but word medial following a glottal fricative [h]. The closure and release periods of the t [tx] are clearly seen in this example. The velar fricative offglide is an audible property of this sound. 

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