dz [dz]

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: dz [dz]  -  IPA: Voiced alveolar affricate

1 Word: godzaà [gʊdzɑ̀:] "leg"  -  Speaker: SP2

An example of dz [dz], an unaspirated alveolar affricate in intervocalic but stem initial position. The closure period is voiced.  We can see this in the waveform and in the voicing bar at the bottom of the spectrogram. But the release period, the fricative, is only partially voiced.  A small release burst, the release of the d closure, is visible halfway through the segment at the beginning of the fricative [z] portion. Stem initial position is a strong position for phoneme sounds. It is proper to call this segment a voiced affricate, though there is a good deal of variation in its voicing across speakers and across tokens. Because of the contrast between this segment and the ts [tsʰ], which is aspirated, we call this an unaspirated affricate; the contrast is in the aspiration rather than the voicing.  

2 Word: adzęzaà [ʔɑdzezɑ̀] "moon"  -  Speaker: SP4

The alveolar affricate dz [dz] in intervocalic position.  The sound is less voiced in this example.  Note the difference in the transition from the fricative portion of the sound to the vowel in the dz versus ts [tsʰ] examples.  © Joyce McDonough 2012