Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib) Group

  • Behchokǫ̀ (Rae-Edzo)
  • Detah
  • Gamèti (Rae Lakes)
  • Ndilo (Yellowknife)
  • Whàtì (Lac la Martre)

These Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib) language communities are currently in the Dene Speech Altas

To view place and manner of descriptions for these South Slavey sounds, see the Orthography of Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib)

Dictionaries and grammars

Dogrib multimedia dictionary from the University of Victoria Department of Linguistics. This is based on the Dogrib Dictionary Tłįįchǫ yati Enįhtł'è (1996) published by the Dogrib Divisional Board of Education.

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