ts’ [ts']

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: ts’ [ts']  -  IPA: Alveolar ejective affricate.

1 Word: ts’et’ìidzèè [ts'ɛt'jɑdʒè:] "tobacco"  -  Speaker: SP2

An alveolar affricate ejective ts' [ts'] in initial position in a word. This ejective is a weak ejective, there is only a slight period of silence between the fricative portion of the sound and the onset of the vowel.   In both this and the following example, this sound ts' [ts'] is very similar to an aspirated alveolar affricate ts [tsʰ].

2 Word: nįhts’i [nĩts'i] "wind"  -  Speaker: SP2

 An affricate ejective in medial position in a word. In this example this sound is very similiar to the alveolar ejective t'

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