t [tx]

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: t [tx]  -  IPA: Alveolar affricate with a velar release

1 Word: [txì] "lake"  -  Speaker: SP2

This is an example of the t [tx] sound, a voiceless affricate with a coronal closure and a velar fricative release. The velar frication of the release period, seen below as the dark band that begins at the release of the closure of the stop, is clearly audible property of the sound. This realization of the t sound as an affricate tx is a pattern that occurs across the Dene languages, and it is especially strong and clear in Tłį Chǫ. Compare this to the t [tx] in Dene Sųłine and North Slavey.

2 Word: gotà [gotxɑ̀] "father"  -  Speaker: SP2

An example of the affricate t [tx] in word medial position between two vowels and in stem initial position. Note the length of the fricative release of the affricate. The vowel begins directly after the fricative release, contrast this with examples of the aspirated affricate ts [tsʰ]. They have very similar profiles.

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