k [kx]

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: k [kx]  -  IPA: Velar affricate, voiceless

1 Word: kǫ̀ [kxõ̀] "fire"  -  Speaker: SP2

A characteristic velar affricate k [kx] in word initial position. The stop closure period is voiceless, followed by a frication period that is present in the spectrogram as a dark band of energy. The affrication is an audible property of the sound. This affricate has a similar pattern as the unaspirated affricate dz [dz] and contrasts with the aspirated affricate ts [ts].

2 Word: gokè [gokxè] "foot"  -  Speaker: SP2

The velar affricate k [kx] between two vowels. The length and strength of the frication period is clear in the spectrogram and is a strong audible property of the sound k [kx]. This is not an aspirated k sound but an affricate.  Voicing continues briefly into the closure period of the k sound, but the closure and release periods are voiceless.  Note that the initial g is voiceless.

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