Consonants of Lac Brochet Dene Sųłiné

The consonant sounds in a language are divided into two groups. The largest group, called obstruents,  are comprised of the stops, fricatives and affricates. These consonants are the largest group of sounds in the inventory of Dene Sųłiné.  The Dene languages all have a rich set of obstruent sounds.  

The second group is called sonorants. The sonorants are a smaller group consisting mainly of the nasals and the y and w sounds. They are voiced sounds and often show formant structure.

The sounds are listed on be sidebar, and on the orthography page.  Click on the sound in the sidebar that you want to hear.

To view place and manner of descriptions for these sounds, see the Orthography for Dene Sųłiné Sounds.  © Joyce McDonough 2012