k’ [k]

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀  -  Phoneme: k’ [k']  -  IPA: Velar plosive, ejective

1 Word: k’àmbacho [k'ɑ̀bɑtʃʰo:] "chicken"  -  Speaker: SP2

A velar ejective k' [k'] in word initial position.

2 Word: ek’įì [ʔek'ĩ̀:] "fish eggs"  -  Speaker: SP2

An example of an intervocalic velar ejective, k' [k']. This sound has a long closure period, followed by a robust release burst which appears as a dark energy band. The glottal release occurs well after the release of the oral closure, resulting in the characteristic 'period of silence' during the articulation of this sound and is visible in the sharp onset of the vowel. Note that the glottal stop in initial position is followed by a sharp onset of the vowel without any laryngealization, a very clean (non-laryngealized) transition from a gloattal closure to a modal vowel. This is not an uncommon feature in the Dene languages.

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