Joyce McDonough, Department of Lingusitics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA


   Jordan Lachler, Director, CILLDI, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA

   Christopher Cox, University of Alberta

   Sally Rice, University of Alberta (past director of CILLDI)

   Conor Snoek, University of Alberta

   Val Wood, Cold Lake Dene Sųłiné

Transcribers (in the First Nations Dene Communities)

   Shirley Cardinal, Cold Lake Dene Sųłiné

   Edith Mackeinzo, Deline, NT, North Slavey

   Jane Modeste, Deline, NT, North Slavey

   Bruce Starlight, Tsuu T’ina Nation

   Val Wood, Cold Lake Dene Sųłiné

   Anne Toutesaint, Black Lake Dene Sųłiné

Transcribers (Phonetics Lab, University of Rochester)

    Katherine Kelliher

    Jared O’Loughlin

    Adina Rubinoff

    Alexander Venuti

    Qingyang Yan

    Gretchen Schlansker


A link to a page devoted to the consultants on this project. Their willingness to share their knowledge and their time with us has made this possible.

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