g [k]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: g [k]  -  IPA: Voiceless unaspirated velar stop.

1 Word: gohkwį [kohkw̥ĩ] "axe"  -  Speaker: SP5

This is an example of the voiceless velar stop g [k] in initial position in the word; it is voiceless. Compare this to the b and d sounds, which are also voiceless.

2 Word: denegó [tɛnɛko] "knee"  -  Speaker: SP5

An example of a velar stop g [k] in stem initial position, between two vowels. If these were voiced stops, this is the position we would be most likely to see the voicing. But this is a voiceless velar stop. The plain stops in this dialect of North Slavey are voiceless.

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