Consonants of North Slavey Délįne, NT  Sahtúgot’ıne 

The consonant sounds in a language are divided into two groups, obstruents and sonorants. The obstruents are comprised of the stops, fricatives and affricates. The obstruents are the largest group in the inventory of Dene Sųłiné sounds.  

The second group is called sonorants. The sonorants or approximants are a smaller group consisting mainly of the nasals and the y and w and  sounds. Sonornant sounds are voiced. 

These are the sounds listed in the chart on the sidebar.  To hear a word that demonstrates a particular sound, click on the sound in the sidebar.

For the charts the North Slavey sounds in the community orthography and in the IPA, see the Orthography for North Slavey Délįne.  © Joyce McDonough 2012