t’ [t]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: t’ [t']  -  IPA: Alveolar ejective.

1 Word: denet’anę́ [tɛnɛt'ɑnẽ́]  "back"  -  Speaker: SP5

The ejective sound t' in stem initial position between two vowels. This as a characteristic example of the Dene ejective stop, with the release of the stop about halfway through the sound. These are voiceless sounds, as is common with ejectives.

2 Word: ɂįt’ǫ́ [ʔĩt'ṍ] "leaf"  -  Speaker: SP5

Another example of an ejective stop t’ in stem initial position, between two vowels showing the characteristic ejective profile, with the release of the stop visible halfway through the sound.

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