First Nations' Studies

Connecting language with history and cultural studies enriches our understanding of any language and its speakers.  To that end, the DSA includes the following links.

  • Access Canada: Aboriginal Peoples is a portal to a multitude of resources.
  • Assembly of First Nations Canada is a body of First Nations leaders in Canada. whose aim is to protect the rights, treaty obligations, ceremonies, and claims of citizens of the First Nations in Canada.  The site provides information on news and current events across various policy areas. 
  • Atlas of Canada: Historical Indian Treaties Map provides information on the history of Canadian and Aboriginal relations as captured in a map of political agreements.
  • Canada’s First Nations is a joint project between the University of Calgary and Red Deer College. The website provides a multimedia tutorial that focuses on the histories of Canada's First Nations peoples from ancient times to the nineteenth century.
  • Canadian Encyclopedia has entries for Dene, Slavey, Chipewyan, Dogrib, Hare, Aboriginal people, etc. Just search under Dene at first and the others will follow. 
  • Canadian Journal of Native Studies is a peer-reviewed publication and the official publication of the Canadian Indian/Native Studies Association.  Its focus includes anthropological, historical, sociological, political, legal, educational and cultural issues primarily affecting First Nations people. 
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization has an exhibition called Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage (last updated 2010) which includes a Language Map by Culture Areas as well as a Culture Areas Index of Languages 
  • First Nations' Profiles provides information on First Nations' communities across Canada.
  • iportal Indigenous Studies Portal Research Tool is an initiative of the University of Saskatchewan Library and provides links to electronic resources covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Northern Saskatchewan Heritage Site  is a owned by the Keewatin Career Development Corporation in LaRonge, Saskatchewan. Although it is no longer maintained, it includes some basic information on Dene as well as sound files and a link to Dene on MBC Radio.
  • Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center was the first First Nations controlled educational institution serving at the provincial level. It was established in 1972 to assist people in accessing information pertinent to Saskatchewan First Nations by compiling and sharing information related to those languages, cultures, arts, histories, and current affairs. The site has information and resources on Dene Language and Dene Culture.  Its archives also contains a section on Dene Ethnography which includes.
  • Statistics Canada prvides the most recent data collected by the Canadian government to help people better understand Canada's population, resources, economy, society, and culture(s). Statistical information is available for the total Aboriginal population and for groups labeled Indian, Inuit, and Métis. Information is also available on age, sex, geographical locations, and historical data where available.  © Joyce McDonough 2012