d [d]

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib), Behchokǫ̀ -  Phoneme: d [d]  -  IPA: Voiced alveolar stop.

Word: degho [deɣu] "bark"  -  Speaker: SP2

Description: The initial d sound is voiced all the way through the articulation of the sound. This is afully voied stop. The voicing during the closure period can be seen in both the waveform and spectrogram. A small stop burst can be seen in both the waveform and the spectrogram, followed by the onset of voicing in the vowel.

Word: godaà [godɑ̀] "eye"  -  Speaker: SP3

Description: A voiced alveolar stop in intervocalic position. The vowel begins immediately after the release of the d sound. Notice the difference between the voiced stop g [g] in initial position and the d [d] in intervocalic position. The initial g sound in not voiced in this token. This kind of variation is not uncommon for voiced stops.

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