kw [kw̥]

2 examples

Tłį Chǫ (Dogrib),Behchok̨ - Phoneme: kw[kw̥]- IPA: Labialized velar stop.

1 Word: kwgha [kw̥ɣɑ] "hair"- Speaker: SP2

The sound kw[kw̥], a voiceless labialized velar plosive, in word initial position. The labialization is an audible property of this sound. Note the movement of the formant (dark energy band) during the labial release before the onset of the vowel.The labila offglide is voiceless.

2 Word: gokw [gokw̥] "head"- Speaker: SP2

A voiceless labialized velar plosive between two vowels. Note that the closure period is shorter than the labial release period. Also note the formant movement during the release. This is likely the second formant (no first formant is present), a result of the tongue position moving from the back (more velar) to a more front position for the vowel [i]. Joyce McDonough 2012