i  [i/ɪ]

3 examples: í, i, į, į́

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: i [i]   -  IPA: High front vowel

1 Word: tíkw’i [txík'wi] "arrowhead"  -  Speaker: SP5

Examples of the H tone (1st syllable) and L tone (2nd syllable)  high front vowel i [i].

Word: nįhts’į [nĩhtsˀĩ] "wind"  -  Speaker: SP5

A token with two instances of a high front nasal vowel į [] with L tone. This is also another example of the compression of the closure period of the affricate in this stem inital position following a syllable with a final consonant at this break in the word.

3 Word: ɂehtį́  [ʔehtxĩ] "bow"  -  Speaker: SP5

A word with a nasalized high front vowel with H tone į́ [].

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