ch [tʃʰ]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: ch [tʃʰ]  -  IPA: Aspirated post-alveolar affricate.

1 Word: det’ǫnęcho [tɛt'õnɛ̃tʃʰo] "eagle"  -  Speaker: SP5

This is an example of the aspirated post-alveolar affricate ch [tʃʰ] in stem initial position (in the onset of the last syllable in the word) and between two vowels. Contrast the transition of the fricative release into the vowel with the unaspirated version j. This token aslo contains an example of an ejective t’, with its characteristic ejective pattern. 

2 Word: denekechįnę́ [tɛnekxetʃʰɪ̃nɛ̃́] "ankle"  -  Speaker: SP5

Abnother example of the post-alveolar affricate ch [tʃʰ] between two vowels. This is also aspirated, which is visible in the transition of the fricative part of the affricate into the vowel. Note also the k [kx], with its velar fricative release (it is transcribed here as an aspirated stop).  © Joyce McDonough 2012