ł [ɬ]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: ł [ɬ]  -  IPA: Voiceless lateral fricative.

1 Word: łech’á [ɬetʃ’á] "distance apart"  -  Speaker: SP8

An example of a voiceless lateral fricative in word initial position. Note also the post-alveolar ejective affricate ch’, in this example too the ejective does not clearly show the characteristic ejective pattern, and may be perceptually an aspirated affricate ch.

2 Word: denełée [tɛnɛ̃ɬé] "someone"  -  Speaker: SP8

An example of a voiceless lateral fricative ł in stem initial position between two vowels. Note that the voicing of the vowel extends into the first part of the lateral fricative.

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