tł [tɬʰ]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme:  [tɬʰ]  -  IPA: Aspirated lateral affricate.

1 Word: tłįcho [tɬʰĩtʃʰo] "horse"  -  Speaker: SP5

This is an example of an aspirated lateral affricate tł in word initial position. This sound is voiceless, observe the transition of the fricative portion into the vowel, a characteristic property of aspirated affricate transitions. The fricative is a lateral fricative, contrast this with the release portion of the dl sound.

2 Word: tłeh [tɬʰɛh] "grease"  -  Speaker: SP5

An example of an aspirated lateral affricate with a very long and strong fricative release in word initial position.

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