ts’ [ts]

2 examples

North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: ts’ [ts']  -  IPA: Alveolar ejective affricate. 

1 Word: ts’ét’úe [ts’ét’ú] "tobacco"  -  Speaker: SP5

A word with two ejectives ts’ and t’. Both show the characteristic ejective pattern. In this example ts’ is in word initial position, t’ in stem initial.

2 Word: nįhts’į [nĩhts’ĩ] "wind"  -  Speaker: SP5

The sound ts’ in stem initial position, following a sylllable final h. Note the compression of the closure portion of the affricate, while maintaining theduration and properties of the release. Also note the characteristic ejective pattern, with a period of silence before the glottal release into the vowel.

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