a  [ɑ]

2 examples: a, á 

1 North Slavey, Deline  -  Phoneme: a [ɑ]  -  IPA: Low back vowel, L tone.

Word: tatsó [txɑtsʰõ] "crow"  -  Speaker: SP5

An example of the low back vowel a, low tone. Note the initial t [tx], with the strong velar frication in the release, and the compression of the closure portion of the affricate in the medial ts.

2 North Slavey, Deline  - Phoneme: á [ɑ́]  -  IPA: Low back vowel, H tone.

Word: nádu [nɑ́tu] "rattlesnake"  -  Speaker: SP5

Note the d sound in intervocalic position, both its duration and its voicelessness, this is an unaspirated voiceless alveolar stop d [t], compare with b [p] and g [k]. These stops are voiceless and unaspirated in North Slavey.

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