Cold Lake Dene Sųłiné

Łue Chogh Tué, the Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN), are part of the Dene Nation. The Łue Chogh Tué Band Members live in three distinct neighboring communities, located near Cold Lake, AB. These include, LeGoff, English Bay, Little Cold Lake, and Primrose North reserves.

Orthography.  The sounds of Dene Sųłiné written in the spelling system in current use, and in the International Phonetic Alphabet. To see the sound inventory, see the Orthography of Dene Sųłiné Sounds

In the sections listed below are the consonant and vowel sounds of Dene Sųłiné with example words and descriptions of each of the sounds.

  1. Consonant Sounds  
  2. Vowel sounds

Also included is a conversation game beween two speakers of Dene Sųłiné playing a conversation game.

Conversation (’Toy Game’).  In the Toy Game, the participants work to arrange their items in the same order, without being able to see each other.  


Dene Sųłiné Dictionary, University of Alberta

Goddard-Ennou texts in P.E: Goddard (1912)  Analysis of Cold Lake Dialect, Chipewyan, Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History X(II):67-170 

Goddard-Ennou texts are also found in Pliny Earle Goddard’s Chipewyan texts (1916). These texts were collected at Cold Lake in 1911 by P. E. Goddard working with Jean Bapstist Ennou.  © Joyce McDonough 2012