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Faculty by Classification

Core Faculty

These faculty have primary appointments in the Chemistry Department.

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Boeckman, Robert K., Jr.

Marshall D. Gates, Jr. Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-4229
451 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Total synthesis of alkaloids, terpenes, antibiotics, and antitumor agents; development of new synthetic methodology; applications of con­formational theory

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Bren, Kara L.

Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-4335
448 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry

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Dinnocenzo, Joseph P.

Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-8351
463 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Mechanistic and physical organic chemistry

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Eisenberg, Richard

Tracy H. Harris Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus | (585) 275-5573
B24 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Inorganic and organometallic chemistry; synthesis, structure and reaction chemistry

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Farrar, James M.

Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-5834
B19 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Dynamical studies of low energy ion-molecule reactions in the gas phase; imaging studies of collisions; photochemistry of size-selected ionic clusters

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Fasan, Rudi

Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 273-3504
416 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Bioorganic chemistry, biocatalysis, chemical biology; macroc