Inorganic Chemistry Faculty

Core Faculty

These faculty have primary appointments in the Chemistry Department.

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Bren, Kara L.

Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-4335
448 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry

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Eisenberg, Richard

Tracy H. Harris Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus | (585) 275-5573
B24 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Inorganic and organometallic chemistry; synthesis, structure and reaction chemistry

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Jones, William D.

Charles F. Houghton Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-5493
B26 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Mechanistic Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

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Knowles, Kathryn

Assistant Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-0649
457 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Inorganic Materials Chemistry

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Matson, Ellen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-7792
B45 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

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Neidig, Michael L.

Wilmot Assistant Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-6006
B32 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Physical-inorganic chemistry and catalysis

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Weix, Daniel J.

Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-8383
412 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Organic methods development; transition-metal catalyzed reactions; organometallic chemistry; mechanism

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Cluster Affiliated Faculty

Faculty in the Clusters have primary appointments in other departments but can mentor Chemistry graduate students.

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Shestopalov, Alexander A.

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering | (585) 276-5434
248 Gavett Hall

Interests: Surface Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Surface Patterning; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Thermodynamics

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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus faculty no longer teach courses or graduate students, but many are still active contributors to the intellectual life of the department, serving as co-advisors, mentors, and running research programs.

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Kreilick, Robert W.

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry | (585) 275-4231

Interests: Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Solids: Rapid Motion in Solids, Structure of Solids, Energy Transfer in Solids