Undergraduate Program

Research Opportunities

The Chemistry Department provides a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research programs during the academic year and the summer. Faculty members welcome undergraduates in their research groups and usually arrange a close collaboration with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These symbiotic interactions provide opportunities for students to work with the latest equipment and ideas in modern chemical science, in an environment that provides close mentoring and support.

Usually undergraduate research is handled with a CHM 393/CHM 395 courses. One year (eight credit hours) of undergraduate senior research is required as part of the BS degree and is optional for students selecting the BA degree.

Some chemistry majors choose to perform undergraduate research in other departments (e.g., biochemistry, pharmacology, etc.) either as part of their chemistry degree requirements, or as independent study courses. If you are interested in joining a laboratory in the department, please get in touch with the professor you wish to work with.

Below are some general steps for conducting research as an undergraduate:

For more information about doing research as an undergraduate visit the Office of Undergraduate Research site