Undergraduate Program

BS Major Requirements

The BS program is designed primarily for students who anticipate professional careers in chemistry and related science. The program provides the range of knowledge, skills, and experience required for work as a professional chemist or for entry into graduate studies in chemistry.

The fundamental work is completed by the end of the third year, leaving the senior year free for graduate-level coursework and a full year of independent research with one of the department’s faculty.

Our BS program includes a biochemistry course and meets all of the requirements for an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved degree.

While the required courses leading to a BS in chemistry may be scheduled with some flexibility (e.g., the mathematics and physics courses), the following program of studies are suggested:

Students should speak with a chemistry advisor to tailor their programs specifically to their career goals.

BS Degree Requirements

Student are required to take at least 55 credit-hours in chemistry, and at least 85 credit-hours overall.

General and Organic Chemistry Sequences (16-21 credits)

General Standard Sequence

Freshman Organic Sequence

Theory Courses (20 credits)

Upper-Level Chemistry Courses (12 credits)

Senior Research (8 credits)

Upper-Level Writing Requirement

All chemistry majors are required to complete two upper-level writing courses ("W" courses). At least one of these courses must be a chemistry department course selected from the following:

Student may select another course from above or a writing course from another department to fulfill the second writing course requirement.

Mathematics Coursework (16-20 credits)

One of the following sequences:

Plus one of the following courses:

Plus one of the following courses:

Physics Coursework (8 credits)

One of the following sequences:

*We recommend students take the PHY 121–123 series. The sequence begins in the spring with PHY 121.

Eight credit hours of Senior Research are required for a BS degree. BS students must prepare a senior research thesis, and have the thesis read and approved by the research advisor and a second faculty member in chemistry.

At least four credits of a 400-level chemistry course may be taken anytime during the junior or senior year.

Additional Suggestions

Students who are interested in pursuing pre-med and allied health professions are advised to contact a health professions advisor at URhealthprofessions@rochester.edu.

Students who are interested in pursuing a double major or double degree are advised to consult the College website, which outlines the course overlap rules and additional credit requirements.