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Ellen Matson

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry

PhD, Purdue University, 2013

B45 Hutchison Hall
(585) 276-7792


Research Overview

Research in the Matson group focuses on probing cooperative reactivity between non-traditional ligand platforms and first-row transition metals, specifically their ability to facilitate chemical transformations of industrial, environmental and biological significance. Extending the definition of “ligand” to bound moieties capable of intimately participating in reactivity, the Matson group is interested in the development of new ligand platforms with unique steric and electronic properties.

The research projects in the Matson group capitalize on alternative applications of fundamental inorganic building blocks for the formation of first-row transition metal complexes capable of facilitating desirable multi-electron transformations (e.g. C−O bond activation, C−H functionalization), in an effort to aid in the generation of new constructs for remediation and valorization of byproducts associated with the development of renewable energy. These approaches shape a research program focused on the investigation of new types of cooperative metal-ligand reactivity. Students in the Matson group will learn air and moisture sensitive synthetic techniques in addition to standard means of characterization for inorganic complexes (e.g. multinuclear NMR, infrared, Mössbauer, and electronic absorption spectroscopies, X-Ray crystallography).

Selected Publications

  • Li, F.; VanGelder, L.E.; Brennessel, W.W.; Matson, E.M.  “Self-Assembled, Iron-Functionalized Polyoxovanadate-Alkoxide Clusters” Inorg. Chem.2016, 55, 7332-7334.
  • Ford, C.L.; Park, Y.J.; Matson, E.M.; Gordon, Z.G.; Fout, A.R.  “A Bioinspired Iron Catalyst for Nitrate and Perchlorate Reduciton” Science, 2016, 354, 741-743.
  • Matson, E.M.; Park, Y.J.; Fout, A.R.  "Nitrite Reduction in a None-Heme Iron System: Formation of an Iron(III)-Oxo" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014136, 17398-17401.
  • Matson, E.M.; Franke, S.; Anderson, N.A.; Cook, T.D.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C.  "Reductive Elimination from Tetrabenzyluranium Mediated by an Iminoquinone Ligand"  Organometallics  201433,  1964-1971.
  • Matson, E.M., Bertke, J. A.; Fout, A.R.   "Isolation of Iron(II) Aqua and Hydroxo Complexes Featuring a Tripodal Hydrogen-Bond Donor and Acceptor Ligand"  Inorg. Chem.  201453,  4450-4458.
  • Matson, E.M.; Opperwall, S.R.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C.  "Oxidative Addition of Halogens to U(IV) Bis(Amidophenolate) Complexes"  Inorg. Chem.  201352,  7295-7304.
  • Matson, E.M.; Forrest, W.P.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C.  "Synthesis and Reactivity of Trivalent Tp*U(CH2Ph)2(THF): Insertion vs Oxidation at Low-Valent Uranium"  Organometallics  201332,  1484-1492.