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Biological Chemistry Faculty

  • Core Faculty
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  • Research Professors
  • Instructional Faculty
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  • Core Faculty

    These faculty have primary appointments in the Chemistry Department.

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    Bren, Kara L.

    Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-4335
    448 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry

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    Fasan, Rudi

    Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 273-3504
    416 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Bioorganic chemistry, biocatalysis, chemical biology; macrocyclic peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions; metalloenzyme design and engineering; chemoenzymatic synthesis

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    Franco, Ignacio

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics | (585) 275-8209
    454 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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    Krugh, Thomas R.

    Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-4224
    459 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Biophysical chemistry; structural analysis of biomolecules, energy minimization and molecular dynamics calculations

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    McCamant, David W.

    Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-3122
    B30 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Ultrafast spectroscopy of molecular dynamics in photochemistry; mechanisms of vibrational relaxation

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    Nilsson, Bradley L.

    Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-3053
    417 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Peptide self-assembly; amyloid peptides; amyloid-inspired materials; bioorganic chemistry; supramolecular chemistry

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    Turner, Douglas H.

    Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-3207
    B08 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Biophysical chemistry: nucleic acid structure and function, RNA folding, therapeutics, and prediction of structure from sequence

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    Cluster Affiliated Faculty

    Faculty in the Clusters have primary appointments in other departments but can mentor Chemistry graduate students.

    Faculty Profile Image

    Ermolenko, Dmitri

    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics | (585) 275-3704
    3-8555 Medical Center

    Interests: Mechanisms of protein synthesis; Single–molecule microscopy; Mechanics of molecular motors

    Sina Ghaemmaghami

    Ghaemmaghami, Sina

    Assistant Professor | (585) 275-4829
    326A Hutchison

    Interests: Protein folding and degradation; Neurodegenerative diseases and aging; Prion biology; Proteomics

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    Grossfield, Alan M.

    Associate Professor Biochemistry and Biophysics

    Interests: Investigating membranes and membrane proteins via computer simulation

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    Kielkopf, Clara L.

    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics

    Interests: Splicing defects in hematologic malignancies; roles of human pre-mRNA splicing factors in HIV-1 infectivity; development of engineered splicing factors for correction of splicing defects; splice sites and their associated proteins as therapeutic targets

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    Krysan, Damian J.

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
    Associate Professorof Microbiology and Immunology | (585) 275-9729

    Interests: Fungal Cell Wall Biology and High Throughput Screening for Antifungal Drugs

    Faculty Profile Image

    Mathews, David H.

    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
    Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology | (585) 275-1734

    Interests: Computational biology of RNA, including structure prediction, molecular dynamics, and genomics

    Faculty Profile Image

    Miller, Benjamin L.

    Professor of Dermatology
    Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Professor of the Institute for Optics | (585) 275-9805

    Interests: Developing new strategies for the sequence-selective recognition of RNA, and using the optical properties of nanostructured materials for the production of novel biosensors

    Faculty Profile Photo

    Mukaibo, Hitomi

    Assistant Professor | (585) 275-2355
    4307  Wegmans Hall

    Interests: Bioanalytical Chemistry; Bio-Nanoscience; Electrochemistry; Energy Storage & Production; Biosensors; Chemistry at Interfaces; Materials Science

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    Phizicky, Eric M.

    Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics | (585) 275-7268

    Interests: tRNA biogenesis, function and quality control; intellectual disability due to deficiencies in tRNA modifications

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    Wedekind, Joseph E.

    Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics | (585) 273-4516

    Interests: Structure and function analysis of gene regulation by riboswitches and microRNAs as a basis for therapeutic development

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    Research Professors

    Research professors do not accept graduate students, but have active research programs within the department.

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    Ebetino, Frank Hal

    Professor of Chemistry, Research | (513) 532-4084

    Interests: Medicinal chemistry and drug design, including bisphosphonates and bone targeted drugs for arthritis and cancer, receptor agonists/antagonists, and epigenetic enzyme inhibitors

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