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Materials Chemistry Faculty

  • Core Faculty
  • Cluster Affiliated Faculty
  • Research Professors
  • Instructional Faculty
  • Emeritus Faculty
  • Core Faculty

    These faculty have primary appointments in the Chemistry Department.

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    Eisenberg, Richard

    Tracy H. Harris Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus | (585) 275-5573
    B24 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Inorganic and organometallic chemistry; synthesis, structure and reaction chemistry

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    Franco, Ignacio

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics | (585) 275-8209
    454 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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    Huo, Pengfei

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-7793
    415 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Physical and theoretical chemistry; ab-initio dynamics for understanding chemistry; photo physics of solar energy conversion

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    Knowles, Kathryn

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-0649
    457 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Inorganic Materials Chemistry

    Todd D. Krauss

    Krauss, Todd D.

    Professor of Chemistry
    Professor of Optics

    Chair for Chemistry Department | (585) 275-5093
    465 Hutchinson

    Interests: Colloidal Nanoscale Semiconuductors

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    McCamant, David W.

    Associate Professor of Chemistry | (585) 276-3122
    B30 Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Ultrafast spectroscopy of molecular dynamics in photochemistry; mechanisms of vibrational relaxation

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    Rothberg, Lewis

    Professor of Chemistry
    Professor of Chemical Engineering
    462 Hutchinson Hall

    Interests: Polymer electronics; optoelectronic devices; light-emitting diodes; thin-film transistors; photodetectors; xerographic photoreceptors; biological sensors; electrooptic modulators

    Faculty Profile Photo

    Tang, Ching W.

    Emeritus Professor | (585) 275-3552
    4009 Wegmans Hall

    Interests: Organic Electronics; Thin-Film Devices; Display Technology; Organic Light Emitting Diodes; Organic Solar Cells; II-VI Semiconductors; CdTe Solar Cells; Thin-Film Deposition & Characterization

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    Cluster Affiliated Faculty

    Faculty in the Clusters have primary appointments in other departments but can mentor Chemistry graduate students.

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    DeLouise, Lisa A.

    Associate Professor of Dermatology
    Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering | (585) 275-1810

    Interests: Engineering Smart Bandage Bio Nanomaterials for Healing Skin

    Faculty Profile Image

    Miller, Benjamin L.

    Professor of Dermatology
    Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Professor of the Institute for Optics | (585) 275-9805

    Interests: Developing new strategies for the sequence-selective recognition of RNA, and using the optical properties of nanostructured materials for the production of novel biosensors

    Faculty Profile Image

    Shestopalov, Alexander A.

    Associate Professor | (585) 276-5434
    4507 Wegmans Hall

    Interests: Surface Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Surface Patterning; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Thermodynamics

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    Research Professors

    Research professors do not accept graduate students, but have active research programs within the department.

    Faculty Profile Image

    Farid, Samir

    Professor of Chemistry, Research | (585) 275-8398
    220E Hutchison Hall

    Interests: Photo-induced Electron Transfer Reactions

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