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Alfaro, Raquel

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish | (585) 275-4251
424 Lattimore Hall



Becker Malett, Kristina

Assistant Professor of Instruction in German | (585) 275-4251
411 Lattimore Hall

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Berk, Philip R.

Retired Professor of French Literature

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Bernardi, Joanne

Professor of Japanese and Film and Media Studies
Head for the Japanese Program | (585) 275-4251
409 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Japanese cinema and culture, especially popular culture; film and media studies; visual and material culture; moving image archiving and preservation; travel and tourism studies; nuclear culture; digital humanities; ephemera studies; object-based learning

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Bridges, William H., IV

Assistant Professor of Japanese | (585) 275-2235
407 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Modern Japanese language, literature, and culture; Race and ethnicity in modern Japanese literature and culture; Contemporary Japanese popular culture, especially anime; 20th-century African American literature; Literary theory, especially African American literary theory and the theory of the novel; Translation (theory and practice); Rhetoric and composition; Digital Humanities

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Brown, Michelle Young

Associate Professor of Instruction in Spanish | (585) 275-4251
432A Lattimore Hall


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Cho, Myounghee

Assistant Professor of Instruction in Korean | (585) 275-4251
539 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Language pedagogy; language acquisition; Korean linguistics; socio-pragmatics; curriculum design; development of learning and teaching methodologies and materials

Jennifer L. Creech

Creech, Jennifer L.

Associate Professor of German | (585) 275-4251
428 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Post-1945 German studies; film studies; gender studies; cultural studies


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Doran, Robert

Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Head for the French Program
Head for the Comparative Literature Program | (585) 275-4251
414 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature and culture; the novel; continental philosophy; literary theory; aesthetics; intellectual history; European cinema; existentialism

Andrée Douchin

Douchin, Andrée

Retired Senior Lecturer in French

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Drexel, Joanna

Department Manager | (585) 275-4253


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Givens, Laura

Associate Professor of Instruction in Russian | (585) 275-4251
423 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Russian language; translation

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Givens, John

Associate Professor of Russian
Chair for the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Head for the Russian Program | (585) 275-4251
408A Lattimore Hall

Interests: Russian language and literature; Russian film; translation

Susan Gustafson

Gustafson, Susan E.

Karl F. and Bertha A. Fuchs Professor of German Studies
Head for the German Program | (585) 275-4251
425 Lattimore Hall

Interests: German literature of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries; feminism and gender studies; psychoanalysis


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Hardy, Shizuka

Assistant Professor of Instruction in Japanese | (585) 275-4251
539 Lattimore Hall

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Herminghouse, Patricia A.

Karl F. and Bertha A. Fuchs Professor Emerita of German Studies

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Holloway, David

Assistant Professor of Japanese | (585) 275-4251
412 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Contemporary Japanese fiction; gender and sexuality; youth cultures and subcultures; transgression; Japan's "lost decade"

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Huang, Ting

Associate Professor of Instruction in Chinese
Chinese Program Advisor | (585) 275-4251
404 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Qualitative research methods; sociocultural theory; new literacy studies; online learning; video learning; classical and modern Chinese texts; teaching Chinese as foreign language at all levels

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Hwang, June J.

Associate Professor of German | (585) 275-4251
429 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Twentieth-century film; literature and critical theory


Beth Jörgensen

Jörgensen, Beth E.

Professor of Spanish | (585) 275-4265
422 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Twentieth-century Spanish-American literature, with an emphasis on Mexico; women writers; theory and practice of literary nonfiction; Mexican chronicle; disability studies


Cilas Kemedjio

Kemedjio, Cilas

Professor of French
Director for the Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies | (585) 273-5346
311B Morey Hall

Interests: Francophone Caribbean and African literary and cultural studies; postcolonial theory; transnational black studies; humanitarianism

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Kiley, Laurie

Department Secretary | (585) 275-4251

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Komocki, Kirt

Associate Professor of Instruction in Spanish | (585) 275-5524
427 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Spanish theatre, particularly the works of Nicolás and Leandro Fernández de Moratín, and Ramón de la Cruz); nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Spanish poetry

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Korn, Andrew

Lecturer in Italian | (585) 275-4251
411 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Modern Italian literature and film; Critical Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cinema Studies


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Lutkus, Anne

Retired Language Coordinator and Lecturer in French


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Maslennikov, Nikita

Senior Lecturer in Russian | (585) 275-4251
424 Lattimore Hall

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Maslennikova, Anna

Professor of Instruction in Russian | (585) 275-4251
423 Lattimore Hall

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Murano, Teresa

Associate Professor of Instruction in Italian | (585) 275-8208
432A Lattimore Hall


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Nasra, Carole

Assistant Professor of Instruction in French | (585) 275-7112
421 Lattimore Hall


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O'Keefe, Luisa

Retired Senior Lecturer in Italian


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Papaioannou, Julie

Associate Professor of Instruction in French
Language Coordinator for French | (585) 275-5524
427 Lattimore Hall

Interests: French language and culture; French and Francophone literature and film (twentieth and twenty-first centuries); French literary translation; French criticism, literary and postcolonial theory

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Pian, Ping

Associate Professor of Instruction in Chinese | (585) 275-4251
404 Lattimore Hall

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Pollack, David

Retired Professor of Japanese

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Prendergast, Ryan

Associate Professor of Spanish | (585) 275-4113
430 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Representations of identity and difference in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain and Spanish America


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Radegonde-Eison, Ghislaine

French Instructor
Program Manager for the Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies | (585) 275-9161
311A Morey Hall

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Rodríguez-Hernández, Raúl

Associate Professor of Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Film and Media Studies
Head for the Spanish Program | (585) 275-4257
420 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century Hispanic literatures and cultures; literary theory; Frankfurt School; European philosophical traditions in Latin America; Latin American cinema; the visual arts; the Baroque and Neo-Baroque; the Gothic tradition

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Rojas-Rimachi, Luisa-Maria

Associate Professor of Instruction in Spanish | (585) 275-7112
421 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Language ideology in higher education; foreign language learning; aesthetic judgment in cultures in contact; contemporary Latin American literature and cultural studies; cultural discourse analysis

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Rosensweig, Anna

Assistant Professor of French
Undergraduate Advisor for French | (585) 275-4251
426 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Early modern French literature and culture; theater and performance studies; political theory


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Schaefer, Claudia

Rush Rhees Chair
Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature
Professor of Film and Media Studies | (585) 275-5569
418 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Nineteenth-, twentieth- and twenty-first-century Hispanic literatures and cultures; Spanish cinema; critical theory; popular culture; the visual arts; Spanish modernity; the culture of science in Spain; surrealism in Spain; digital humanities

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Shino, Fumino

Senior Lecturer in Japanese | (585) 275-9247
407A Lattimore Hall

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Siniscalco, Federico

Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian (Arezzo) | (585) 275-5723
405 Lattimore Hall

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Spence, Yasuko

Adjunct Instructor in Japanese

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Stocchi-Perucchio, Donatella

Associate Professor of Italian
Head for the Italian Program | (585) 275-5723
405 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Dante; nineteenth-century poetry and prose; fascism


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Taguchi, Yuki

Adjunct Instructor in Japanese | (585) 275-4251
432A Lattimore Hall

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Tamate, Mariko

Professor of Instruction in Japanese | (585) 275-9247
407A Lattimore Hall

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ter Horst, Robert

Retired Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature

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Tian, Guoming

Lecturer in Chinese | (585) 275-8208
432A Lattimore Hall

Kristen Totleben

Totleben, Kristen

Modern Languages & Cultures Librarian | (585) 275-9304

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Tschanz, Cathy

Academic Program Assistant | (585) 275-4252


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Valdez, Maria Teresa

Director of the Language Center
Head for the Portuguese Program | (585) 275-5156
305E Douglass Hall

Interests: Portuguese language instruction; foreign-language pedagogy; second- and foreign-language acquisition and development; heritage-language acquisition and development; teaching and learning methodologies for foreign, second, and heritage languages; second- and heritage-language learning materials; online language instruction


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Weber, Elizabeth E.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese | (585) 275-4251
402 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Migration; race; labor; Asian American Studies; modern and late Qing Chinese literature; late Qing nationalism; late Qing history; international trade routes in the Age of Empire

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Wojciechowska, Malgorzata

Visiting Instructor of Polish | (585) 276-1952
101 Harkness Hall