Rennes-Rochester Photo Contest - Wall 2

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Student Experience & Cityscape/Landscape

1. Criswell Lavery—Barbwire—Rennes Student Experience 

close-up of barbed wire with a seashore in the background

2. Ryannon Starkey—Tower—Rennes Student Experience

girl seen from behind looking over a balcony ledge at a green field

3. Jillian Breithaupt—Student Life—Rochester Student Experience

two girls share a book while sitting in a garden behind a brick building

4. Sara Qefalia—Institut franco-américain—Rennes Student Experience

girl sitting on couch with laptop in an old style apartment in rennes

5. Criswell Lavery—Beach—Rennes Student Experience

seashore and stone ruins

6. Criswell Lavery—Stairway—Rennes Student Experience

narrow stone staircase with arched ceiling and open windows on the right side

7. Fatima Shah—Pont de Rennes—Rochester Student Experience

girl standing on pont de rennes bridge

8. Hongjue Wang—Fall Sky I—Rochester Cityscape/Landscape

sunset silhouetting a street of houses with a lamp-post in the foreground

9. Carrie Heusinkveld—Linden Alley—Rochester Cityscape/Landscape

sidewalk covered by parallel lines of trees with strings of lights hanging over the path

10. Jillian Breithaupt—UR clock—Rochester Cityscape/Landscape

university of rochester clock tower at sunset

11. John Egan—Downtown Rochester in Snow—Rochester Cityscape/Landscape

view from a window of eastman theater and surrounding area in a snow white-out

12. John Egan—Downtown Rochester in Light—Rochester Cityscape/Landscape

view of eastman theater and surrounding area lit up at sunset

13. Sara Qefalia—City of Rennes—Rennes Cityscape/Landscape

street of shops in old buildings